What happens if my flowers get substituted?

Remember feeling PUMPED to see your favorite teach but instead Mrs. Snakenberg from THE MATH DEPARTMENT was filling in for the day? That bish knew nothing about paper mâché!

Substitutes can be disheartening, but they are reality. Especially in the floral world. When you work with fresh product, factors like season, demand, crop loss, hurricanes, wildfires, and pandemics can all affect availability.

When this happens, we will provide you with a substitution based on the best fit for your order.

Dry your pits, because this is something all florists deal with and we will 100% substitute the best possible bloom for your palette and style. Here's how we make the call:

  1. Consider overall color palette and style.
  2. Determine what the unavailable blooms would have brought to the table. (Drama? Texture? Lushness?)
  3. Find a bloom that offers a similar shape/color/vibe. 
  4. Within the same price range. (We won't short change you!)

Flower Moxie reserves the right to make changes and substitutions at any time. Remember this is a last resort (typically last minute) change. We'll do our best to communicate updates to you, but there won't always be a generous Type A heads up.

Allow Amy to talk you off the ledge, sweet thing: