What should my budget be?

Budgeting for a wedding is like buying furniture for the first time.

"Sweet, I have a $300 Target gift card. I should be good!"
"How is this candle $80."
"Screw it, I'm buying dresses."

When you've never done something before, like plan a wedding, it's hard to know how much to set aside. Especially when every article suggests forking over $20K. (Lies!)

You can absolutely have a beautiful day on a budget, and we're here to help you start. Peep our budget guide that will show you the cost difference between DIY and florist flowers. We also break down the pricing based on three scenarios:

  1. Using all low-cost flowers
  2. Combining high- and low-cost flowers
  3. Going all-in with high-cost flowers.

Keep in mind that the cost is going to depend on several factors, including what type of arrangements you want to create, how many of each arrangement you need, and what types of flowers you'd like to use.

Still feeling rashy about it all? Watch and breathe: