How do I place an order?

It's easier than figuring out if your parents can access your photo roll on a shared family account via the cloud. (BUT SERIOUSLY, CAN THEY?!??!)

  • Create an account with your email and password. *We won't spam you, so be sure to enter an email that you check often and not the fake Yahoo one you give retailers.
  • Add the flowers and/or packages you've been eyeing to your cart.
  • Enter your event and delivery dates. *Remember: You will want your flowers delivered 3 days before your event date.
  • Hit the "CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT" button.
  • Enter your shipping address. *You will enter this even if you plan to pick up from a wholesale or air cargo location so the system can offer options specific to your location.
  • Smack the "CONTINUE TO SHIPPING" button like it's your bestie's booty.
  • Select your preferred shipping option.
  • Click the "CONTINUE TO PAYMENT" button.
  • Enter your preferred payment option.
  • Enter your billing address.
  • Make sure all your info looks legit.
  • Do a shot and hit the "PAY NOW" button.

THAT'S IT. Now you're ready to get organized so you know exactly what to expect and how to receive your flowers with jazz hands.