Why do you have a $350 order minimum?

You when you see the $350 order minimum:

We admire you fiercely for being able to build a modest cart. Frugalism is sexy! But we unfortunately cannot make exceptions to sell flowers below the $350 minimum (not including taxes or shipping), given the admin time needed to process and handle orders, and the cost to ship flowers overnight.

But hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other out! Feel free to learn from our site, download flower recipes, and watch our mouth-breathing tutorials fo’ free.

You can always bat your eyes at a loved one to see if they want to add on a few flowers for themselves to tip you over the threshold. If you have a previous order and would like to add-on flowers, email us at hello@flowermoxie.com and we can do this for you! You will not need to meet the $350 order minimum requirement twice.