How do I add on to an existing collection?

So you fell in googly-eye love with one of our collections, but the quantities don't quite fit your vision. We can fix that!

Here's the best way to scale our Moodboard Collections:

  1. Pick your base package: Look through the Small, Medium and Large packages of the collecting you're eyeing.
    • Which size is closest to what you need (without taking items away)? We will use that collection as your base, so add it to your cart!
  2. Count your extras: Add up how many ADDITIONAL arrangements you need to make.
    • Ex: The Small Package accounts for 6-7 bridesmaid bouquets, but you need 10 of them. You need 3 ADDITIONAL bridesmaid bouquets.
  3. Check the recipe and make a list: Make a list of the flower types and greenery that are in the recipes for the arrangement types you need more of.
    • If you were to follow the same recipes given in the package, how many bunches would you need of each flower type to achieve your ADDITIONAL arrangements? (Remember, it's okay to have a few extra stems! This helps you account for any loss, and you can distribute the extras throughout your arrangements as you'd like!)
    • You can check our product pages for stem count per bunch. Generally, standard roses and carnations come 25 stems/bunch, garden roses come 12 stems/bunch, most other flowers come 10 stems/bunch (with some exceptions) and greenery generally comes bunched by weight rather than stem count.
  4. Throw it all in your cart:  After you've calculated your additions, add the extra bunches to your cart (along with the package you selected).
  5. YOU ARE A BOSS. You're ready to checkout, mama!

We're happy to help if you have any questions!