What should I do if my flowers open too quickly?

If some of your blooms already look like a Girls Gone Wild outtake, try these tips to slow their roll:

  • Make sure the bucket water is cool, not warm or hot.
  • Keep them in a darker space than other flowers.
  • Turn your AC down a bit lower (lower 70s to upper 60s is great). If you have a basement that is cooler than the rest of your house, relocate the flowers.
  • If you have the space, place the early-openers in your refrigerator on its WARMEST setting. (Here's our video on refrigeration!)

Keep in mind, these blooms don't need to last 2 weeks! You just want them to look their largest and loveliest for your big day.

If you have concerns, fill out this flower SOS form so we can take a look. We got you!