Is DIY right for me?

REAL TALK: DIY is not for everyone. If you feel a crushing terror in your gut instead of a bright flutter, step away from the glue gun. As much as we would love to sell you gorgeous blooms, we would rather have happy couples.

Here are a few realities that get in the way of ringing the DIY bell:

  • Logistical Difficulties: This could be a destination wedding that is tricky to transport everything to, you don't have time off work, it's too close to a holiday, etc.
  • You're Exhausted Just Thinking About It: Seems obvious, but if you truly don't have a desire to mess with flowers, it's best to skip DIY'ing on your wedding day.
  • Too Laid Back: We love you, we would love to harness your spirit, but you gotta be organized and prepared, girlfriend!
  • Too Type-A: With fresh flowers, you need a certain level of flexibility and chill. Flowers can vary in their shape, size, and shade. So, if the thought of some variation sends you into a tizzy, it's best to hire a florist.

We love you and want you to win at all the things! If you need a little more input, push play: