How much should I buy?

Our most common question for a reason. You don't want this to be like the time you invited the cool kids over and only had 1 box of Bagel Bites.

  1. First thing you want to do: Identify all of the arrangement types you need. Yup, you guessed it. We have a worksheet for that!
  2. If you're doing vase arrangements: Decide what size you'd like to use. We recommend 1-2" diameter bud vases, 3-4" diameter medium vases and 5-6" diameter large vases.
  3. Next, make a list of the flower types that give you feels. You can browse our website for inspo or source your own inspiration photos.
  4. Finally, peep our quantities page to arrive at a number. Ta-da! You have a plan!

If building out your own cart isn't your jam, we have Moodboard Collections that have already done all the calculating for you!

If neither of those works well for you, a Custom Design Consultation may be the best fit! You'll get to chat with our designers to put together a fully customized cart and recipes!

If you need any other assistance, don't hesitate to reach out! WE GOT YOU.

For more help identifying the different categories of flowers you'll want to incorporate into your arrangements, push play!