Do you sell bound pre-made garland?

The wholesale cost of bound pre-made garland is BANANAS, so we do not sell it at this time. (Insider's tip: Raid Sam's Club. They have the best prices on pre-made garland.)

If you're open to alternatives, we offer recipes for creating your own loose greenery runner. You get a look that's just as baller at a fraction of the cost:

You can use any greenery you wish, figuring about 1 bunch per 8ft table (if you'd like it to be more sparse, you can use less). If you're placing layered greenery on the center of a round table, use about 1/4 bunch per table. Cut up the greenery as desired, and layer on the table. And ta-da, you've saved a butt-ton of money.

Press play to watch our loose greenery runner tutorial:

If you decide to go with pre-made garland, here's a primer on how to work with it: