Do I need a custom design?

Torn between pre-built, building your own cart, and custom? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to regain your chill:

  • Are any of our Moodboard Collections a close fit to what you're looking for?
    • YAS ---> You probably don't need to go custom! We can help you make small adjustments to a current collection without a full-blown consultation!  Reach out to and let them know you'd like a slight Collection modification.  If your needs are more than their knowledge base, they will direct you to snag a Custom Design.  While our Customer Service team are rock stars, they have not been profesh florists.
    • NAH ---> A custom design may be a great fit!
  • Are you interested in building out a cart yourself and handling the bulk of the design process, but just want advice on quantities?
    • YAS ---> You are a DIY queen! Check out our quantities page for some guidance.  We pride ourselves on having the most DIY educational resources on the webs.
    • NAH ---> If you don't want to deal with the logistics, and our Moodboard Collections just aren't singing for you, GO CUSTOM DAHLING!

Learn more about what's included in custom design.