Do I need a custom design?

Torn between pre-built, building your own cart, and custom? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to regain your chill:

  • Are any of our Moodboard Collections a close fit to what you're looking for?
    • YAS ---> You probably don't need to go custom! We can help you make small adjustments to a current collection without a full-blown consultation!  Reach out to and let them know you'd like a slight Collection modification.  If your needs are more than their knowledge base, they will direct you to snag a Custom Design.  While our Customer Service team are rock stars, they have not been profesh florists.
    • NAH ---> A custom design may be a great fit!
  • Are you interested in building out a cart yourself and handling the bulk of the design process, but just want advice on quantities?
    • YAS ---> You are a DIY queen! Check out our quantities page for some guidance.  We pride ourselves on having the most DIY educational resources on the webs.
    • NAH ---> If you don't want to deal with the logistics, and our Moodboard Collections just aren't singing for you, GO CUSTOM DAHLING!

Learn more about what's included in custom design.

Jun 14, 2021