When should I receive my flowers?

Three is your magic number.

Three days before your wedding day.
Three days before your besties lift your dress so you can #1.
Three days before you pelvic thrust to Toxic.

So, for a Saturday wedding, you will want your flowers delivered on that Wednesday. This gives you plenty of time to hydrate, prep, and build out your arrangements.

Example schedule:

  • DAY 1 (WEDNESDAY): Prep your flowers. Give everything a fresh cut, space it out in hydration buckets, give it time to hydrate/open.
  • DAY 2 (THURSDAY): Start building! Knock out the arrangements that can be easily hydrated in vases, like bridesmaid bouquets and centerpieces. 
  • DAY 3 (FRIDAY): Build your bridal bouquet, bouts, corsages, flower crowns, and anything else you have left. *We like to build the bridal bouquet on day 3 because those flowers are wide open at this point!

A little secret: Flowers look their best right before they peak. The goal is not to make them last 2 weeks, but to have them look large and in charge on the day of your wedding.

Peep our wedding week schedule pdf for more details.

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