I am missing flowers from my order, can someone help?

This is like the whistle-blowing scene at the end of Titanic. We hear you! We're coming for you!

There is a protocol to follow for this exact situation:

  • Before emailing us, go through and unwrap ALL the packing in your box. 80% of the time, delicate flowers hide away in the packaging or get accidentally trashed. 
  • Still coming up short?Fill out our flower SOS form within 24 hours of delivery to report any missing items. You will be contacted ASAP, and we will replace the item at no charge to you OR issue a refund.

Things to keep in mind per our terms and conditions:

  • 24 hours: All complaints and photos MUST be received within 24 hours of receipt or your claim will not be accepted and no refunds granted.
  • Buying new flowers: Hold off on raiding Trader Joe's. We are on your side and will move mountains to make you happy! If you do choose to buy more blooms, that is your responsibility. We will only replace or refund the blooms we sold you.