How do I take care of my flowers?

AKA how to be that botanical bish:

  1. Take all flowers and greenery out of the shipping box. Leave plastic or cardboard wrapping on, for now. Cut 2-4" off all stems and place immediately in fresh, cool water. Heavy-headed florals like roses especially need the wrapping at first, otherwise, they get droopy af while drinking. (Who doesn't.)
  2. After one hour of hydrating, remove all wrapping, including plastic and cardboard. This allows the flowers to begin to breathe and bloom. Prolonged wrapping exposure can also attract mildew/mold and give your flowers swamp ass.
  3. Count your bunches to make sure the gang's all there. Be sure to look through all the wrapping to account for smaller, hidey bunches. If you're missing anything, holler at us within 24 hours of receiving your shipment:
  4. Make sure all blooms are in size-appropriate buckets and vases:
    • Delicate / Small Flowers: Place in a designated vase and handle with excessive care. Don't crowd or smash these delicate babies with other blooms. Examples: Ranunculus, Anemones, Astrantia, Lisianthus, Veronica, Peonies.
    • The Tall Girls: Stash in tall containers to prevent curving or drooping. You can also prop 'em up in a corner of the room for extra support. Examples: Delphinium, Snapdragons, Stock.
    • Fillers and Greenery: Feel free to pack a little more tightly in a bucket of water. Examples: Carnations, Mums, Hydrangeas, Wax Flower.
    • Roses:¬†These bishes need ALL the elbow room. Avoid having any blooms touch or lean into one another.


Or watch a quick video while pouring yourself a glass of Aldi's finest Winking Owl:

**Finish off with some specific care for roses, and voila, you're a flower prep pro!**