How do I store my bouquets, bouts, and centerpieces after I make them?

Flowers are thirstier than your friend who posted a John Muir quote after hiking one time.

Hydration is just as important AFTER building your arrangements to keep everything fresh and juicy for the big event.

  • BOUQUETS: Give each its own hydration vase, and keep 'em parked in water when not in use.
  • BOUTONNIERES / CORSAGES / FLOWER CROWNS: Gather a few containers with lids (Tupperware, takeout tubs, etc.). Line the containers with a wet paper towel, place your items inside, and close the lids. Place the containers in the refrigerator on its WARMEST setting. Keep everything sealed up until you're ready to roll, including fruits and veggies that could taint your flowers with their gases.
    • Building in a vase? You're already set! Just be sure there's plenty of water in the vase.
    • Layering greenery flat on a table? You can cut up the greenery into smaller pieces the day before the wedding. Place the cut-up greenery in a misted plastic bag (grocery bags, trash bags, etc.), then tie up the bag to keep everything good and damp. It's helpful to separate the greenery into bags per table so it's already pre-sectioned. Keep the greens in a cool room, or pop 'em in the refrigerator.
    • Building in a wet foam cage/iglu? Check the foam over time to be sure it stays wet like a scene out of Coyote Ugly.
  • ARCH ARRANGEMENTS: Soak the foam cage all the way through before building. Check the foam occasionally to be sure it stays wet. Pour water on the cage as need in the bathtub, with your kitchen sink sprayer, or with a garden hose.
  • PEW ARRANGEMENTS: Just zip tie 'em together like you would a bouquet, and pop 'em in small vases or in a small hydration bucket.

***MUY IMPORTANTE: Flowers don't enjoy floral foam for extended periods. Make sure you have plenty of water in your vase, or drench the foam daily with a hose or kitchen sink sprayer.*