Some of my flowers died, how do I get a refund/replacement?

This is not like that time you ordered a gown from Wish and ended up with a belly shirt. We are not here to disappoint, mislead, scam, or hide behind policies that only work in our favor.

Because we sell time-sensitive, perishable fresh flowers, all complaints need to be submitted within the first 24 hours of receipt so we can jump on a solution. We will gladly replace a sad flower or issue a full or partial refund depending on your specific situation.

Here are our terms and conditions if an issue arises:

  • Product Issue: You must reach out within 24 hours of receiving your flowers. Fill out our Flower SOS form and upload pictures. Send 1-2 close-up pictures and 1-2 pics of the bunch(es) as a whole - make sure you have good lighting! We will not issue a refund or replacement without pictures or if we do not hear from you within 24 hours of delivery. We also cannot issue a refund or replacement if you throw away your flowers without Flower Moxie's authorization to do so.
  • Color Variation: We will not issue a refund or replacement for slight color variations. Momma Nature is an inconsistent being.
  • Size Variation: Bloom sizes change throughout the growing season, so we cannot guarantee an exact size.
  • Mishandled or Poorly Prepped Flowers: It is up to you to follow our care instructions and be a good flower mama/daddy. Each product page has specific care instructions, and it is your responsibility to educate yourself on how to care for your flowers. If you forget to put your flowers in water, introduce bleach/sugar/vinegar into the water, or smash/crowd delicate blooms in a deep bucket, we cannot be help responsible for a refund. Prep work is the most important part of successful DIY.