Do you offer Free Shipping?

*Stands up tall like Rafiki thrusting Simba over Pride Rock: YES WE DO!

All orders above $500 qualify for free shipping within the major 48 states. PARTY.
All orders below $500 have a flat shipping fee of $65 for FedEx and $49 for Southwest Air Cargo. REALITY.

Alaska does not qualify for free shipping because it's hella far and spendy to ship via Air Cargo. (Sorry guys, we know you have to pay like $10 for an avocado.)

We currently do not ship to Hawaii. To protect native flora, Hawaii's Agricultural Department is super strict on what they allow through Customs. They also do not provide a comprehensive list of what flowers/greenery are restricted. This sometimes results in flower shipments being rejected and destroyed at will without explanation. (!!!!) Given you don't need this level of WTF around your wedding, we encourage our Hawaii-bound cuties to source flowers locally.

Oct 5, 2021