What happens if tracking says my flowers are delayed?

You are 100% allowed to cuss FedEx out, but there is no need to freak!

If your flowers get hung up with FedEx Overnight Priority, you will receive them the following day. Even with a delay, your blooms will more than likely be as resilient as a Royal who’s just given birth.

Here’s what needs to happen next:

  1. Don't ugly cry! Focus on the things that are going right, and get yourself majorly prepared to receive your blooms. Get all the water in the buckets and vases, let your helpers know of any change in plans, and load up on box wine.

  2. Upon receiving your flowers, unbox everything but LEAVE IT ALL in its wrappings and cardboard.

  3. Next, give all blooms and greenery a fresh, DEEP cut. We’re talking a COVID cut of 3-5'' off. That will cut away any dried-out stem while allowing the flower to drink and soak up maximum hydration.

  4. Let the flowers rehydrate for ONE HOUR and then remove all wrappings. This supports heavier blooms that would otherwise droop while drinking. (Relatable.) 

  5. After removing all wrapping an hour later, take a good look at your blooms. Send us pictures asap of any flowers that look concerning. We got you!

  6. Use the air from a cool blow dryer (HEAT OFF) to help blow any roses open.

Feel better? Want us to send you a gif of Amy middle-fingering the current state of affairs? Let us know how we can help!