Where do we ship?

If you happen to live in 48 of our 50 glorious states, WE SHIP TO YOU via Overnight Priority Fedex or Southwest Air Cargo.

Alaskans: Unfortunately, we can't ship to your beautiful state right now. Why? Well, it's a bit like trying to airlift a snowman to the Sahara—shipping flowers up to Alaska is no easy feat and costs more than a round-trip ticket to the moon. These costs make it tough for us to keep prices reasonable for you. Another reason is because we've faced more than our fair share of order hiccups and lost shipments when sending packages to Alaska. Despite our best efforts, the logistical challenges have caused headaches for both us and our customers. We know it's a bummer, but we're doing this to ensure the best floral experience for you, even if we can't provide the flowers.

Hawaiians: We currently do not ship to you. *Tear. To protect native flora, Hawaii's Agricultural Department is super strict on what they allow through Customs. They also do not provide a comprehensive list of what flowers/greenery are restricted. This sometimes results in flower shipments being rejected and destroyed at will without explanation. (!!!!) Given you don't need this level of WTF around your wedding, we encourage our Hawaii-bound cuties to source flowers locally.

Canadians: We can and have delivered near the border if you want to do a quick cross-over to collect your blooms!

Feb 28, 2024