Do I need to use flower food?

While flower food isn’t required, it does help to extend the life of the flowers by combating bacteria in the water. Flowers do well in fresh, clean water. If you’d like to use flower food, be sure to carefully follow the instructions on the package.

Flower Food is included in our Flower Moxie Supply Kit or can be pruchased seperately on our DIY Flower Supply Store.

We do recommend flower food if you have an event in a hot-weather month, or you're doing a lot of foam work. Also, grab a bottle of Crowning Glory, which is a fresh flower spray that extends bloom life and locks in moisture. Not mandatory, but helpful.

DO NOT use Miracle Grow, which is for potted plants, and no matter what the Internet tells you DO NOT concoct a bleach/sugar/vinegar solution to keep your flowers "fresher." This will only shock your blooms and may kill them. Flower Moxie is not responsible for post mortem vinegar flowers.

Clean buckets, fresh water, good prep work, and a cool room to store your flowers in is all you truly need!