What if I missed my flower delivery?

We've all seen the Broad City episode where Abby misses her hot neighbor's delivery and has to endure package purgatory to track it down. We don't want this for you, boo!

Though we always require a signature when shipping your flowers, it seems to be up to the driver's discretion whether they leave yer goods on the porch or take 'em back on the road if there is no one around to sign. SO FUN.

If you find yourself with a 'sorry we missed you' note on your door, let out a good string of curse words then call the shipping carrier to see if they can redeliver or if you need to pick them up at the station that evening. Though we love flustering FedEx, there won't be much Flower Moxie can do to at this point.

To avoid this scenario altogether, you can have your flowers shipped to the nearest FedEx Station to hold for pickup.